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"Europe's demographic challenge - ways out of the crisis"

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About the Europe Academy


The Europe Academy is a non-profit-making international association, founded in accordance with Belgian law. The work of the Europe Academy is supported by its 33 affiliates, which come from a total of 19 European countries.

The Europe Academy lends its support to CESI in its role as political advisor. Alongside its mother organisation, it develops and discusses new ideas with academics and political decision-makers. At its symposia, which affiliates are free to attend, it analyses topical issues in European politics.


Given that the Academy is CESI’s research and further training centre, it feels it has a responsibility to guarantee the continuing and further training of its members. The Europe Academy pursues the following goals in particular:

  • Providing further training for Europe’s employees via information and consultation services
  • Carrying out professional, trade union and political training measures
  • Achieving academic progress in the field of social and trade union policy
  • Enhancing peoples’ working conditions in Europe as a whole and thus contributing to European cohesion


In order to make these goals a reality, the Europe Academy organises:

  • Specialist conferences, symposia, seminars, expert meetings and discussions,
  • Information and consultation, in particular regarding European Labour, Social and Economic Policy
  • Studies, analyses and expert reports as well as their publication and dissemination,
  • Academic surveys and the awarding of research contracts,
  • Cooperation with other research and educational institutes

The Academy receives financial support from the European Commission for its activities.


Affiliates convene every four years for a General Assembly, the highest of the Europe Academy’s organs. Between General Assemblies, the Europe Academy is led by a Board, headed by a President. The Director is in charge of the day-to-day running of the Academy.

How can I support the work of the Europe Academy?

You can support the Europe Academy’s work by making a personal contribution or donation. The Europe Academy offers academics, political decision-makers and those who put ideas into practice a top-class forum in which to present and discuss ideas and innovations.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your comments and ideas on our work. You can contact us at:




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