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"Europe's demographic challenge - ways out of the crisis"

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Programme 2007: "Europe's demographic challenge - ways out of the crisis"

The topic of demographics is at the forefront of this year’s programme. The biggest challenge Europe is currently facing is that of its demographic development. On 12.10.2006, the European Commission presented the Communication „The demographic future of Europe – from challenge to opportunity“ COM(2006)0571 final.

Fewer and fewer children are being born in Europe. At the same time, however, people in Europe are getting increasingly older. The balance between the generations seems to have been upset. Declining birth rates and a growing share of older people in the population are presenting European societies with serious challenges:

In the light of such developments, can the European Social Model be realistically maintained?  Will our society have to deal in the future with vast swathes of the population facing poverty in old-age?

Is there a way out of the crisis? Can rethinking our policies on women, equal opportunities and the family help soften the blow when it comes to demographic development? To what extent can better integration of young people and older workers ease the burden of demographics?

With the support of the European Commission, the Europe Academy is organising three symposia, under the working title „Europe’s demographic challenge – ways out of the crisis“:

Symposium I, Berlin, 26.-28.02.2007: The future of old-age pension schemes

Symposium II, Seville, 08.-11.05.2007: Integrating young and older employees into the labour market

Symposium III, Brussels, 12.-14.09.2007: The courage to have children – men and women torn between work and family

You can find a more detailed programme on each of the events on the relevant sites.



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